Courtesy of Kevin Dingman

Photographer from Columbia, MO



Although I have been at it a while, I still consider myself to be an "aspiring songwriter."  I have no dreams of being a performing artist, although I would not rule out playing in a songwriter's showcase. 

I began songwriting in 2009 and developed a small catalog of songs written with some local, talented  songwriting/musician friends.  In 2013, I joined Songtown, a world class academy and community of passionate songwriters based in Nashville, Tennessee that provides resources, training and mentoring by pro songwriters, publishers and other music industry pros. 

Currently, my goal is to continue honing my craft, to gain more experience in co-writing, to become more skilled as a lyricist and melody writer, and gain experience and expertise in writing to tracks/toplining.

For now, I am staying open and allowing the songwriting journey to lead me and Songtown is a big part of that.   

Interested in checking out Songtown?   You can find them (us) at the links below.  They even offer 10 free videos just for signing up on the mailing list!